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At Manning Pest Services, our friendly and knowledgeable specialists have the experience and skills to eliminate your pest problems fast and affordably. Our Broken Arrow bed bug specialists are licensed, trained, and certified experts who can eliminate your pest problem in no time. Technicians working for our company are held to the highest standards, and we are members of the National Pest Management Association and licensed in two states. We have been providing customers with quality pest control services since 2014!

When customers choose to work with the pest control experts from Manning Pest Services, you can rest easy knowing not only are we highly qualified professionals, but we are also working with some of the safest products on the market. Our products are certified safe by the Environmental Protection Agency, so you never have to worry about your kids or pets when we’re on the job!

If you think you need pest control services in Broken Arrow, call the professionals at Manning Pest Services at (479) 322-3963 or you can contact us online right now.

Why Bed Bugs Are A Such A Problem

Bed bugs can be very difficult to eliminate from your home without professional help. It’s easy to wake up to a full-blown bed bug infestation. Bed bugs are parasites that feed on your blood. They hide in your furniture, clothing, and most commonly your bed, mattress, and linens. Strong and toxic chemicals like DDT had all but eliminated bed bugs from the United States for many years, but in an effort to adopt safer methods, bed bugs have seen a resurgence.

Bed bugs are extremely easy to transport from one space to another. They latch on to carriers and move locations with ease. The number of bed bug cases in the United States doubles each year. Bed bugs like to rest and nest in warm places out of the way. They can be seen in mattress seams, electrical outlets, and sheets. They need to feed before they grow and finish their life cycle. Removing their food source is a good way to starve them to death, but it’s not quite that easy. They are very small and difficult to locate. They hide during the day and do most of their eating and moving at night. Bad bugs are terrible because they are difficult to eliminate. Their ability to hide well and latch on to carriers to move make them formidable foes.

Quality Services You Can Trust At Price You Can Afford

Our team takes a logical approach to the pest management services we provide our customers. We work with customers to develop solutions that make sense for their homes and busy lives. We understand you have a busy life, so many of our preventative measures are implemented outside the home for your convenience. Our preventative treatments create the first line of defense and barrier to common household pests.

The trustworthy members of our Broken Arrow bed bug control team are skilled exterminators, and we have so much experience that we can quickly inspect your home and identify the problem and develop a custom solution that will work for your specific situation. Our commitment to quality and common-sense solutions is why customers trust us and keep returning to our team when they need help. When customers are looking for quality services, they need to look no further than Manning Pest Services.

When customers choose our Broken Arrow bed bug specialists, they can expect:

  • Well Trained Professionals: Our team members are licensed, trained, and fully equipped to handle all of your home and commercial pest control issues. We provide solutions customers can trust and afford!
  • Customer Satisfaction Guarantee: We provide customers with the best service in the area, and if any job isn’t done to your satisfaction, we will make it right. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee is all about our dedication to our customers.
  • Safety First: We are committed to the safety of you, your family, and your home. Our team makes it our mission to provide you quality service without sacrificing safety. We won’t cut corners, and when you choose our team, you can rest easy knowing your home is in good hands.

If you think you need pest control services in Broken Arrow, call the professionals at Manning Pest Services at (479) 322-3963. We have you covered.

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