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The team at Manning Pest Services has provided quality pest control for customers in Oklahoma and Arkansas since 2014. Our dedicated staff knows how to eliminate pests from your home safely and reliably. Bees serve an important role in our environment, but when they invade your home and yard, they can pose a serious threat to you and your home.

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Reliable Bee Control Services by Experienced Professionals

There are many bees species, and while you may encounter some doing their important work pollinating fruits and flowers for everyone to enjoy, others are aggressively protecting the hive and their colonies. Most home and business owners don’t know the type of bee, just that they’ve encountered a winged stinger. So, it’s important to call in professional help to ensure that you aren’t harmed trying to eliminate these insects on your own.

Do you think you have a beehive in your home or yard? Our Broken Arrow bee control professionals can help. Call us at (479) 322-3963 or contact us online to schedule an appointment.

One of the most dangerous bee control situations is the bee swarm. If you have encountered a swarm of bees looking for a new place to nest, it’s important that you contact our bee control specialists. We can help you solve this problem before the bee swarm makes your home their new nest. Most people encounter bees occasionally, and when they do, it’s a singular bee alone. If you or anyone in your home is allergic to bee stings, even one bee can be dangerous. A bee swarm or hive is dangerous to everyone. Multiple bee stings can be painful and dangerous, so exercise caution if you encounter a swarm on your property.

Beehives generally are found in hidden or undisturbed spaces like attics and high exterior walls of homes and offices. When left alone to build their nests, beehives can grow to larger than 75,000 in a year and topping over 100 pounds. Finding thousands of bees living in your home can be panic-inducing, but you don’t have to worry. At Manning Pest Services, we can control your bee problem and prevent their return. If bees are allowed to create a hive with larvae, you will need to remove the entire structure. Eliminating the bees will only invite more trouble. Without the bees to care for the larvae, they will disintegrate, attracting rodents and insects to the location.

Why You Should Remove Hives and Nests

Bees are workers at heart. They are solely focused on the task at hand, collecting their sustenance to return to their colonies. Most often, if you encounter a single bee, you can walk away, and it will leave you alone. Sometimes, walking away from the bee and leaving it in your yard to do its important work is not a realistic possibility. Allowing bees to create a hive in your yard will make it difficult to enjoy outdoor activities for fear of encountering bees in the course of their work. You don’t want to turn your home or yard over to the bees.

Bees are important, but that doesn’t mean they need to live in your home or yard. For more information about our Broken Arrow bee control and elimination services, call us at (479) 322-3963 or contact us online.

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