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While we recognize that spiders can act as pest control and are essential for our ecosystem, the moment you see one—or more than one—in your home, it can be incredibly unnerving. Not only do their webs leave a mess, but their bites can be itchy at best, and harmful at worst. Spider bites can particularly affect the elderly, children, and individuals with compromised immune systems. Our team at Manning Pest Services understands how frustrating spider infestations can be, which is why we offer high-quality spider control treatments to homes and businesses throughout Broken Arrow. We use only the safest and most effective products on the market, and they are all certified by the Environmental Protection Agency. If you are worried your residential or commercial property has some unwelcome guests, we can help.

Don’t let spiders infest your home. Call our licensed Broken Arrow spider control specialists today at (479) 322-3963 to schedule your service.

Protecting Your Home or Business from Spiders

Most spiders you see aren’t dangerous and their bites are intended to help them eat, so their first instinct isn’t to bite a human. However, if spiders feel cornered, they will bite, and a few species of spiders can be harmful to humans—namely the black widow and brown recluse, both of which are found in Oklahoma.

Types of spiders found in Oklahoma include:

  • Black widow
  • Brown recluse
  • Garden spiders
  • Dark fishing spiders
  • Orb-weaver spiders
  • Bold jumper spiders
  • Nursery web spiders
  • Jumping spiders

No matter what type of spider you come across, when you see too many in your space, it’s time to call Manning Pest Services. Our Broken Arrow spider control experts will perform a detailed evaluation of your space, thoroughly treat your property to rid it of adults and eggs, and even offer recommendations on how to prevent spiders from returning.

Some ways to prevent spider infestations include keeping your home clear of clutter, dusting regularly, and checking wood piles before sticking your hands in them. We will not only perform one-time treatments, but we offer a Guardian Program with customized pest control treatments, allowing you to schedule quarterly or monthly services.

Service with a Satisfaction Guarantee

Our team has been providing Broken Arrow with unbeatable pest control solutions for over 5 years. Our services are not only safe and effective, but also affordable. We work tirelessly to ensure your safety and comfort and no matter which service you need, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Our licensed, certified, and highly trained pest specialists at Manning Pest Services are here to ensure your home is protected. We are proud members of the National Pest Management Association as well as other state associations, so you can trust that our products, methods, and customer service is second to none. From spiders, and bed bugs, to ants, mosquitoes, and rodents, our experienced experts have you covered.

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