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No one wants to open a cupboard and find a mouse or a rat. Rodents are notorious for spreading disease, and they can cause extensive damage inside your walls and are even responsible for electrical fires. The last thing you want is rodents nesting in your home. If you see a mouse or a rat in your home, or if you see signs of rodents moving in, call Manning Pest Services. Our rodent control experts in Tulsa have extensive training, and we know best how to remove mice and rats from your home. We will also help you prevent the rodents from returning, keeping your home safe and clean.

Have you seen a mouse in your Tulsa home? Contact Manning Pest Services at (479) 322-3963. We are committed to keep you and your family safe from disease-carrying pests.

How Rodents Get In

As with many pets, mice and rats are often driven inside looking for food, warmth, and shelter. Because they are so small, they can get into tight spaces, and usually prefer these spaces when building nests. This is especially the case with mice, many species of which are incredibly small. Mice can squeeze in openings that are as small as 2cm! They often build nests behind walls, in electrical boxes, and in attics or basements.

Rodents will find their way inside using:
  • Cracks and holes in walls
  • Through service panels
  • Where cable and power are connected to your house
  • Gaps in door and window frames
  • Holes and gaps in roofs
  • Plumbing and drains

Part of your Tulsa rodent extermination service with Manning Pest Services includes an inspection of your property to identify where the rodents are getting in. We will then seal up these entrances to prevent the rodents from returning this way.

Preventing Rodents from Coming Back

There are several ways you can stop rodents from coming inside your home. These include sealing any entrance points, removing their access to food and water, and clearing trash and food waste as quickly as possible. You may also wish to trim tree branches and other plants that allow rodents access to your roof and home.

The signs of a rodent in your home include:
  • The sound of scratching behind your walls
  • Gnaw and bite marks on food containers
  • Oily or greasy marks along walls and baseboards where rodents run
  • Bite marks on your future
  • Rodent droppings
  • Seeing a rodent or a rodent nest

If you suspect there is a mouse or a rat in your home, contact our rodent control team in Tulsa and the surrounding communities. Manning Pest Services offers superior rodent control services, and we can help you get rid of your mouse problem fast.

Outdoor Rodent Control

Mice and rats are the only rodents that plague homeowners. Other rodents like squirrels, moles, and possums can also wreak havoc on your property. Furthermore, you may also deal with mice and rat infestations that originate in a garden shed, garage, or woodpile. Manning Pest Services can help. Our Tulsa rodent exterminators can safely and effectively eradicate your rodent problem.

Since 2014 we have brought the area the best in rodent control services. We offer enrollment in our Guardian Program, a unique pest control solution that includes quarterly or monthly pest control treatments and routine inspections.

If you need help keeping your Tulsa home rodent-free, contact us at (479) 322-3963.

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